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Cold Storage

From small cooler and freezer units for food processors to large scale distribution facilities and warehouses, we tailor the project to your individual needs.

CES furnishes and installs insulated panels and doors for building cooler, freezer and food processing facilities. In Cold Storage we typically control environments from minus 80 degrees to plus 40 degrees within a controlled environment structures that we build with insulated metal panels. The insulated metal panel is the core of our structures business.

Our commitment to quality workmanship is manifested in our installation crews, who are specially trained in cold storage construction techniques. Whether the project is a small walk-in unit or a large warehouse, the CES installation team helps meet our goal of total customer satisfaction on every job.

Cold Storage Doors

CES Cold Storage Doors lead the field in value and quality. Our versatile manufacturing capabilities provide you with the right products and features for their specific applications.

CES is a certified installer of specialty cold storage doors of all kinds including roll-up doors, sliding doors & air curtains.


  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Food processing plants
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Cold storage doors – power operated and manual
  • Special environment rooms
  • New and retrofit control systems

What makes CES special is our experience when talking with our clients. It’s about really hearing what they want and taking care of their needs. It’s our high level of service. When we are quoting a project, we try to validate with our client that we’re doing more for them, or what we are doing differently that will net a superior result.

Dave McGrathBusiness Development Manager, CES

Commercial & Industrial

Insulated Metal Panels create the perfect envelope solution in one easy step compared to traditional multi-component built-up systems.

Commercial and industrial (C&I) projects serve controlled environments focusing on improving the energy efficiency of buildings.  We are primarily using insulated metal panels. We service facilities that have a lot of glass like an auto dealership to meet the government requirements for energy conservation. We install insulated horizontal or vertical panels that will increase the R-factor for various facilities. We serve many other types of controlled environments where we have to maintain a consistent temperature with a high level of efficiency like large computer server installations, or a lithium battery manufacturer facility where consistent temperature is a vital requirement.

We construct beautiful entry ways with architecturally styled metal panels. The buildings have lots of glass and high ceilings, requiring energy efficiency. Architects will specify materials and manufacturing that will adhere to these government energy standards. We have developed important strategic partnerships with many architects and contracting firms who look to us for our engineering expertise.

For large commercial or industrial buildings with a lot of glass particularly in the building front, we compensate by adding insulated panels at the back end and beefing up the R-value of that entire building. Spaces like that have been added to our CES service / product mix over the last 15 years.

Whether the project is a small or large, the CES installation team assures total customer satisfaction. 

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