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There are two components to our Services business:
Door Services (The Doorman)
Controls Monitoring Services

Door Services

Our service division at CES, “The Doorman”,  completes our full capability roster. Our service technicians bring over three decades of experience and fully stocked service vans to deliver the best installations, repairs and maintenance available.

CES provides a variety of on-going services. Supporting our structures business has been “our Doorman” offering.

For customers that have multiple doors throughout their plants, we set up even a service contract where approximately every six months, our door technician will go in and make a list of things that need to be done, give them a rough idea of how much it’s going to cost, and then service it after approval.

This service takes the pressure off of the people at the plant as they want to maintain their doors.

Items handled: on the power doors, there are motors, hardware, tracks, and seals. The manual doors require usually less service. But impact doors have hardware that could break and gaskets could get torn.

Much of our service is related to power doors, but there is lots off issues found on manual doors as well, including gaskets, seals and hardware. We do a full range of power doors in the cold storage market, whether they’re rollups, sliding doors, or vertical lifts.

There’s different types of doors for each application, and we can install and service nearly all of them. And we work with a panoply of manufacturers. We’re not locked into one manufacturer, or only sell one specific type door. We can service them all.

Our “doorman” has a fully stocked van of certain parts that usually he will need to repair doors. And he dedicates his time on door repair and door install exclusively.

Typically, our competitors do not have this service, so it is another part of the full CES Service Lifecycle Solution.

Monitoring Services

Our controls division is offering comprehensive monitoring and support services for clients with our turnkey special environments.

This gives buyers great security that we can monitor their systems, and if a problem arises, we will attempt to solve it electronically, and then be on site as fast as possible, with the ability to fix the issue permanently.

Call us for more details as to how we can assist you.

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