Founded in 1985 by Rob Adams and Mark Barrett to respond to the area’s cold storage needs, CES Inc. has grown into one of the area’s largest contractors in the cold storage/ environmental room industry, servicing the New England region yet operating on a worldwide basis, responding to the needs of our customers. We’re a dynamic, growing operation that continually looks for ways to solve our customers’ needs. Over years, we’ve added capabilities to include the manufacturing of custom doors, integrated wall systems and specialized air handler units and fan filter units. In 1994, CES expanded to include environmental control systems. Responding to the technology and food industries’ ever-increasing needs for control systems.

  • Cold Storage

    CES-manufactured “Foamwall” panels are used in the building of cooler, freezer and food processing facilities for use in wall, door and ceiling structures. Installations may consist of small cooler and freezer units for food processors to large scale distribution facilities and warehouses.

  • Clean Rooms / Environmental

    Our clean room/environmental room business involves the design, construction and installation of special use rooms, engineering custom solutions to clients’ specific storage, testing or manufacturing needs.

  • Controls Division

    Our controls division continues to pioneer improvements in temperature control, operation efficiency and data recording.

  • Installation & Service

    “The Doorman” at CES provides decades of experience and expertise in the installation and service of cold storage, food processing, high-speed and high performance, and other specialty application doors.


In every project we complete, you’ll see the CES trademark – taking the time to provide the right solutions and continued service.
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Custom Clean Room Environments

Join CES Partner Rick Coan in a tour of a CES custom clean room built for a drug compounding operation. CES has built and manufactured hundreds of these type of rooms all around the globe.

Featured Case Study: UNO Foods

The Project:
CES was approached by Uno Foods to provide environmental rooms (proofers) necessary in the fermentation process for a new pizza and calzone line. CES furnished the proofers and introduced the client to the advantages of an automated process line operated by Opto 22 products.

The Solution:
The Opto 22 system controls all product portioning, conveyor system speeds, flouring, the temperature and humidification control sequence necessary for fermentation, and the operation of the commercial baking oven. The operator interface is provided via MMI running on two industrial touchscreen computers located along the line.

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